Advice on Corporate Reputation

Assessorament en 
Reputació corporativa

Advice on
Corporate Reputation

“We safeguard our clients’ reputations”.
Thoroughness. Coherence. Integrity. Confidentiality.

Understanding the organisation’s vision, its activity and the threats and opportunities inherent in its immediate environment help us to manage its reputation from a global perspective, thereby enhancing its:

  • Awareness
  • Social relevance

Reputation is provided by the perception of public opinion and target groups.

Its fragility is a threat per se. A reputation can take decades to build up but can be lost in a minute.

We strive to make companies more sustainable and resilient, applying a value-based approach focusing on reputation to ensure long-lasting business.


Reputation plan

Activation of the following levers to improve perception across all stakeholders:

  • Ethics and good governance
  • Brand values and Corporate culture
  • Management of public opinion
  • Corporate Social Responsibility programmes
  • Reputational risk management
  • Institutional Relations programmes
  • Quality and innovation